Investment Protection promotes business throughout Central America by providing expert counsel to businesses who seek to do business under CAFTA.  We are able to provide counsel at any stage in the process.  We can counsel you on the appropriate form of company to set up.  We are also able to help those who have run into problems after their company or investment has been running for a while. Many times we have been asked to step into a situation after the company has been established to help the company with a problem they are experiencing.

We are very experienced with entering corporate situations mid-stream.  We help clients protect themselves from potential investment disputes or other problems inherent in the countries they do business in.  One of our main focuses is using free trade agreements and Investment Arbitration to help clients protect their investments and ownership interests.  Our Affiliated Law firms and consultants take a potential business through all potential issues and make recommendations on how to overcome them. will help you find the right partners or team of partners to protect your business' interests.  We often assemble the team and start to prepare for investment treaty arbitration or litigation immediately after our initial consultation.  One of the the best ways to avoid an adverse ruling is to be the most prepared and most aggressive player on the field.  

We have assets who are on the ground and ready for action in just about any given jurisdiction. can assist in preparing the background research or just with the filing of the papers.  We approach every investment dispute with a keen eye towards winning for our clients.  

We are able to counsel regarding the most frequently approached issues for businesses looking to do business in another CAFTA country. Our attorneys and trade lawyers will help your business understand common issues. Issues like: which business forms are acceptable; whether you need a local agent; what are the acceptable practices for negotiations; whether you need a local bank account; and many more.

To date, there are not any published Investment Claims brought under the CAFTA. This is simply because the agreement has not really had time to take effect.  (We are aware of several potential claims and are excitedly awaiting their filing so we can report). Once the agreement has been implemented by each of the governments, investors will be able to fully enforce their rights. 
As soon as a claim has been brought we will post summaries here. is excited to see CAFTA develop its own case law, which will prove as plentiful as NAFTA due to the broad protection granted to investors. The treaty boasts expansive protection of Investments, as well as guaranteed fair and equitable treatment. These guarantees are sure to provide a multitude of possibilities for Investors. 
If you, your business, or investment have been injured by an act or omission of a CAFTA host-government you may be entitled to compensation. To explore your options please contact us at You need to act quickly because CAFTA limits the time within which you are able to seek recovery.
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This page will consider the different standards of treatment guaranteed by each host government to the investors of other parties. 
INVESTMENT Standards of Treatment: 
Most Favored Nation Treatment 
National Treatment 
Minimum Standard of Treatment 

Professional Advice & Professional Services often is asked whether a particular set of facts or an investor's investment or business is able to seek recovery under one of the variety of investment treaties.  We are happy to serve as an investment consultant and to help businesses prepare their cases for an investment arbitration. In order to help you properly please send us as much background information as possible via so we can be informed prior to our initial consultation.  After our initial consultation if you would like us to proceed will provide you with the appropriate documentation and an overview of the Arbitration Process.